Interested in serving as a co-opted IHBC trustee? With our new Board in place, we’re seeking a trustee with early/mid-career, diversity and/or local authority profiles

With our new 2024 IHBC Board in place, and our plans to enhance representation, we’re seeking a new co-opted trustee to extend our top-level ties across any or all agreed priority areas: early/mid-career; diversity and/or local authority roles.

IHBC Trustee, chartered architect and lead on the recruitment process Joanna Saady said: ‘The origins of the IHBC as a collaborative organisation between Conservation officers is a crucial part of our history and remains important to the organisation.’

‘As we now focus on supporting all heritage workers in the sector ideally the Trustee Board would especially like to have a representative from local authority, or someone with similar experience to share current views on how the front line works with the board and what we can do to continue to develop support for all on the front line of heritage championship’.

IHBC Director Seán O’Reilly said: ‘If you have an interest in a trustee role – whether only until renewal at our next AGM, or for longer – you can have informal discussions with Jo, as trustee lead on this, our Chair David McDonald, and/or myself, or you can kick-start discussions with any IHBC members you know.’

‘Any formal expressions of interest should go to our Company Secretary Lydia Porter, at’

The IHBC writes:

… charity trustee roles and duties…:

  • Trustees have independent control over, and legal responsibility for, a charity’s management and administration. They play a very important role, almost always unpaid, in a sector that contributes significantly to the character and wellbeing of the country.
  • Trusteeship can be rewarding for many reasons – from a sense of making a difference to the charitable cause, to new experiences and relationships. It’s also likely to be demanding of your time, skills, knowledge and abilities. Being aware of the duties and responsibilities covered in this guidance will help you carry out your role in a way that not only serves your charity well but also gives you confidence that you will be complying with key requirements of the law….
  • … In some cases you will be unable to comply with your legal duties if you do not follow the good practice…

For Scotland… a charity trustee must:

  1. Act in the interests of the charity…
  2. Comply with the 2005 Act (specific duties)…

IHBC Contacts for informal discussion:

IHBC Trustee Joanna Saady: (mobile available via Lydia at

Board Chair David McDonald:

Director Seán O’Reilly:


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