IHBC features ‘Heritage from the doorstep’: Milford-on-Sea’s beach huts to be finally removed by council

Beach huts at Milford-on-Sea wrecked by stormy weather will be removed, New Forest District Council (NFDC) has said, reports The Daily Echo.

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The Daily Echo writes:

A total of 31 damaged and at-risk beach huts will be removed from Hordle Cliff on June 10 after half a mile of huts were battered by Storm Kathleen in April.  New Forest District Council said the damage to the huts can be blamed on beach erosion and ground movement’…

Should weather permit it, land-based machinery will undertake the removal…

Days after her beach hut was destroyed, Jeannie Medd, said: ‘I think.. There’s not enough beach left…’

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