IHBC features ‘Heritage from the (ecclesiastical) doorstep’: Guilford Cathedral fundraising to repair iconic glass panes damaged by vandals completes, as artist sought

Guilford Cathedral is seeking artist via the ender process to repair John Hutton’s Angel Door of the Cathedral.

image Guildford Cathedral

Guildford Cathedral writes:

Vandals have caused considerable damage to one of our iconic glass panes – part of a set of sentinel angels engraved by renowned glass artist John Hutton late on Thursday 11 January.  The damaged window panel is part of a set of sentinel angels engraved by glass artist John Hutton (1906 – 1978) which are an iconic feature of the west front of the Cathedral and an acclaimed piece of 20th-century art.

Thank You to everyone who has donated towards the repair of the Angel Door. We are currently seeking an artist, via a tender process, to carry out to work on a replacement panel to restore the door. We will update you when work begins.

For background see Guildford Cathedral’s website

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