IHBC’s ‘Heritage from the Global doorstep’: Renewal of Royal Patronage for INTBAU as His Majesty King Charles III continues support for ‘Global Mission’

After an extensive review of Royal Patronages, it was announced that His Majesty King Charles III will retain his role as Patron of the INTBAU Charity, continuing a long and valued association established at its inception in 2001.

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… promoting the preservation and development of traditional building knowledge…

INTBAU writes:

‘… We are delighted that His Majesty King Charles III has retained the Patronage of INTBAU. As Royal Founding Patron, his Majesty established the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism in 2001. His Majesty’s support has enabled INTBAU to grow to an organisation of over 9000 members with chapters in 40 countries and regions, becoming a key advocate for education in traditional architecture, building and urbanism, and where local cultures and building traditions are under threat across the globe.’ Alireza Sagharchi, Chair of the Board of Trustees, INTBAU…

INTBAU was founded by King Charles III in 2001 during his tenure as The Prince of Wales, with the vision of promoting the preservation and development of traditional building knowledge for a built environment that respects local climate, context, and character.

His Majesty has been an advocate for architectural preservation, environmental sustainability, and community-based design. His support for numerous projects and initiatives through his organisations like The King’s Foundation (a sister charity to INTBAU) and The King’s Trust reflects his strong commitment to heritage conservation and sustainable development.

These efforts have significantly influenced the development of INTBAU and its initiatives around the world. This year, INTBAU is supporting grassroots initiatives in five different countries, aiming to catalyse the development of better places to live around the globe, grounded in the conviction that traditional architecture builds communities. Educational programmes are being launched by INTBAU chapters in Belgium, Australia, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, France, Norway, and Mexico, bringing together leading architects, planners, craftspeople and scholars to nurture the next generation of traditional practitioners worldwide. These initiatives, led by the global network, highlight the significant impact of His Majesty’s patronage on the organisation’s growth and global influence.

With the renewal of the Royal Patronage, INTBAU will continue to foster collaborations, support research and advocacy, and enhance our reach and impact in the pursuit of a built environment that respects local climate, context, and identity globally.

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