National Retrofit Hub calls on professionals, etc. to contribute knowledge on International Retrofit Delivery Models

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The National Retrofit Hub is calling on professionals, researchers and practitioners to contribute their knowledge on International Retrofit Delivery Models.

National Retrofit Hub writes:

… Whether you have detailed case studies or brief insights, your contribution is crucial. Please complete this form to share your expertise and help create a valuable repository that supports effective policy-making and project delivery…

This collection of international examples serves as a crucial resource for a range of stakeholders seeking to enhance the efficiency, scalability, and impact of their retrofit initiatives. The intent is to highlight effective strategies, best practices, and innovative approaches that have been trialled in various countries. Though policy and financial conditions may vary considerably between the initiatives identified, there is significant value to be found in learning from what has been adopted and found to be successful or challenging elsewhere.

In line with one of the primary objectives of Working Group 5 – to gather and present key strategic evidence of successful international models in a manner that is easily accessible for policy makers and delivery organisations – the information gathered aims to provide an easily accessible database of examples of retrofit delivery models implemented worldwide.

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