CIC: Expert guidance on personal liability risks for employees in new Risk Management Briefing on PII etc

The Construction Industry Council (CIC), through their Liability Panel has written a new Risk Management Briefing, ‘Personal Liability of employees’, detailing Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII), when employees may be covered (and when not), how it impacts employers and employees, what employers should do and how employees can protect themselves.

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CIC writes:

This guidance is important for all of those in the built environment to understand. As an employee there is a risk of personally being sued for negligence, therefore knowing what can be done to protect yourself is vital.

The Risk Management Briefings are a series of free guidance documents produced by the CIC Liability Panel. The briefings examine current areas of concern in relation to liability and are released to keep industry informed of current issues that can have impact on them.

The Liability Panel is one of the longest running CIC committees who were set up to consider liability, legal and insurance issues. The Panel drafts and publishes standard form contract documentation for consultants as well as publishing the freely available Risk Management Briefings.

Nasir Khan, Chair of the Liability Panel has said “Employers and employees need to be aware of the risks that can create personal liability in various ways. The CIC Liability Panel’s risk management briefing on Personal Liability of Employees provides professional consultant to exercise a standard of care to carefully review and understand the terms of their contracts, maintain professional standards, and consider obtaining appropriate insurance coverage to mitigate potential personal liability risks.”

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