Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence: The Construction Industry Council Marks Milestone Anniversary

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) – the foremost membership body representing professionals within the built environment sector will on 1 November 2023 celebrate its 35th anniversary.

… CIC was born from a visionary idea…

Construction Industry Council (CIC) writes:

CIC was born from a visionary idea: to unite professional bodies across the diverse built environment sector. In the past three and a half decades, it has evolved into a dynamic network spanning a multitude of disciplines and expertise. Today, just as in its founding days, CIC remains steadfast in pursuing the same core objectives that shaped its inception to unify voices, foster consensus and enhance industry performance ensuring a wealth of skills and knowledge is readily available to the industry.

Sharing in this milestone CIC is delighted to welcome two new Members, the National Federation of Demolition Contractors and the Survey Association plus the Institute of Construction Management who join as an associate member. This takes CIC up to a record 37 Members which is the most members CIC has ever had and shows the commitment for collaboration amongst the diverse range of professions within our sector. Welcoming these new members on board helps us strengthen our reach and prominence within the sector.

CIC Chief Executive Graham Watts commented on this milestone saying, “We are immensely proud of our achievements and the impact we’ve made on the sector. We owe our success to the support of our many members, and the dedication of our small team. We look forward to continuing our mission to bring the built environment professions together in the years to come.”

Dr Wei Yang, CIC’s Chair also commended our anniversary; “As we celebrate CIC’s 35th Anniversary, we reflect on the remarkable journey of CIC and look towards its future. In the coming years, CIC will remain at the forefront of promoting collaboration, knowledge sharing, creative problem-solving within the construction industry.”

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