IHBC Signpost: Government guidance on Registered Building Inspectors (England and Wales)

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Find out the classes of building inspectors, the competencies needed and how to register as a building inspector in England and Wales.

GOV.UK writes:

Registered building inspectors carry out regulated building control activities, which are:

  • assessing plans
  • inspections
  • giving advice to building control bodies that carry out regulated functions.

After April 2024, if you intend to carry out any of these activities in England or Wales, you must be registered as a building inspector. After this date, if you are not registered it is a criminal offence to work as a building inspector. Registered building inspectors (RBIs) work for building control bodies, either as employees or contractors. Building control bodies are:

  • the Building Safety Regulator (BSR)
  • local authorities
  • registered building control approvers

Before you apply to register as a building inspector

You will need to decide:

  • the building types you are competent to work on
  • the registration class you should apply for

If you are competent to assess plans or carry out inspections, or both

To help you decide, you should read the building inspector competence framework for the country you are applying to work in:

  • building inspector competence framework for England (hse.gov.uk)
  • building inspector competence framework for Wales (gov.wales)

The competence framework sets out the skills, knowledge and qualifications required for your registration application.

To apply to register as a class 2, 3 or 4 building inspector, you will need to complete, or be enrolled on, an independent competency assessment. If you apply to register without being assessed, you will be registered as a class 1 building inspector and can only work under supervision. For further information go to the link below:

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