IHBC’s election-compliant #IHBCReading2024 School CPD Circular: Virtual & Day School Special Edition Update, includes MarketPlace:LEARN too

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Our dedicated #IHBCReading2024 CPD Circular on Virtual and Day School has been issued, with content updates following the election and a reminder that new delegates can still join us online, on Friday 14 June, for the Virtual School, accessible from only £30+VAT, with our learning-led MarketPlace:LEARN (Wednesday 12 June, 5.00-6.30pm) launching the Virtual School.


The IHBC writes:

… With the IHBC’s 2024 Annual School in Reading fast approaching – #IHBCReading2024 – we have a whole host of CPD opportunities available for you, whether you’re joining us in person, or as a virtual delegate.  For our Virtual delegates especially, in this update we are delighted to announce that Alison McCandlish IHBC will be on hand, with staff and volunteers, to keep all in touch via X and other platforms.

Also, as two planned speakers – Adala Leeson and Charles Mynors –  as civil servants are now not allowed to speak publicly due to the election, we have replaced them with no less substantial authorities – Dave Chetwyn and Nigel Hewitson – offering slightly different approaches to our themes.  However hope both Adala and Charles will contribute to exclusive delegate webinars after the election, when the economic and legislative heritage landscapes will be more clear…

You can see a summary review of Reading School’s CPD on the School site, HERE….

It covers both specific skills sets – our Competences – and generic areas of practice – our Areas of Competence –as described HERE.

…. In reality the headings for each Competence and Area of Competence are largely intuitive, so it is not difficult to understand them…

See full Virtual School CPD Circular, mapping and guidance

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