Design Council seeks Design Council Experts to help lead the design industry to Design for Planet

The Design Council has called for Design Experts to join them so as to place the planet at the heart of their work advocating for design, sharing knowledge about best practice and helping to deliver advice and programmes.

image for illustration: Earth from Apollo 17 Possibly Harrison Schmitt, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

… To tackle the climate crisis we have to redesign nearly everything about the way we live…

Design Council writes:

To tackle the climate crisis we have to redesign nearly everything about the way we live our lives and that means every designer working towards a regenerative future.

We are looking for Design Council Experts from all design disciplines, from place and materials, crafts and fashion, product and policy, UX and graphic, service and systemic design. Making sure that we reflect the demographic and regional diversity of the society that design shapes….

What’s the role of a Design Council Expert?

There are different ways in which you might champion our work and Design for Planet mission:

  • Provide expertise and advice in our programmes to build skills and support organisations embed design and deliver missions.
  • Contribute your practical knowledge and thought leadership to collective intelligence about how to Design for Planet.
  • Use your experience as a designer to help us shape policy recommendations that support the design sector.
  • Advocate for design’s value in the green transition.
  • Act as inspirational beacons showing the best Design for Planet in action.

Practically this might look like:

  • Delivering design training as part of our Design for Planet Academy.
  • Providing strategic design leadership or specific design advice via our demonstrator projects, e.g. to increase repairability or develop a new eco-label.
  • Providing expert advice as part of our strategic Design Reviews.
  • Engaging your networks to advocate for our Design for Planet mission.
  • Sharing your insights into best and next practice through individual thought pieces or collective insight sharing sessions, all published on our Design for Planet Knowledge Hub.
  • Participating in policy roundtables to help us understand issues and develop recommendations.
  • Speaking at or engaging in one of our flagship events.

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